Collinear Car Covers for Sedan Outdoor


Collinear Car Covers for Sedan Outdoor, Auto Vehicle Cover Waterproof Windproof Dustproof Scratch Resistant Outdoor UV Protection Universal Full Size Car Covers for Sedan L 


PREMIUM MADE CAR COVER: Crafted from high quality polyester taffeta and 190T denim, the Ohuhu Car Cover provides comprehensive protection against the elements. The sturdy material is waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-tear as well holds its shape, even after years of repeated use!

SNUG, WIND-RESISTANT FIT: Blustery days are no match for the Ohuhu Car Cover. Equipped with a central strap and three durable buckles, this cover will stay in place, even during extreme weather

COMPLETE PROTECTION: It doesn’t matter if its the hot desert sun or the cold, snowy mountains— this cover can handle it all. The advanced silver coating keeps your car safe from UV rays, extreme temperatures, sand, dust, leaves, branches, snow, frost, birds, you name it!

QUICK CLEANING: Get rid of the dirt, gunk, and grime in no time! Wipe down the car cover with a damp cloth and the mess will slide right off

VERSATILR AND PORTABLE FOR SEDAN 191—201 INCH: Measuring in at 200” x 60” x 47”, the cover is the ideal size for 191—201” sedans. The elastic hem and buckle straps are adjustable, making a perfect fit for your vehicle. Want to take your protection on the go? Store it in the included carrying bag and bring it with you wherever you need

 Designed for all weather defense against rain, storm, UV rays, tree sap and bird bombs

2). Its breathable fabric fights off rot, mildew and corrosion

3). Effectively prevent dust into the car, keep the car inside and outside clean and tidy

4). Heat resistant with a paint-safe inner layer,It won't scratch paint

5). Easy to wash and collect

6). Kinds of size for customer to choose

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