Collinear Glass Breaker, Auto Emergency Window Breaker


Collinear Glass Breaker, Auto Emergency Window Breaker, Metal Car Safety Hammer with Hard Alloy Head Window Breaker, Seat Belt Cutter Aluminium Alloy Emergecy Escape Tool(1PC)


Best gift for drivers: they will love you for this emergency safety hammer. Better safe than you don't have a safety hammer. ! Get this auto hammer for each of your car, your parent’s and children’s cars.

Best value: Hammer tip is carbide alloy, built to last in high quality, functional products for all home and travel needs

Essential Safety Tool: One end is a seat belt cutter for cutting seat belt, and the other two end is the window breaker tool with two hardened sharp and heavy carbon steel points.

Cleverly and Convenient designed: the life-saving emergency hammer lets you get out of your vehicle fast, so you can stay out of harm's way while awaiting assistance.

More safety for your kids:Fastest way to remove children's car seats in emergencies



Double-sided head with hard alloy head shatters vehicle windows in an emergency.

Seat Belt Cutter with Safeguarded Razor Blade Cuts off Seat Belts.

When a car accident calls for an emergency escape and every second is crucial for survival! 

How To Use The Car Safety Hammer: 

1.Hold the Car Safety Hammer by its handle with the hammer head pointing up. 

2.Hook the seatbelt into the blade and slice through the belt with a back and forth motion until it is cut. Then proceed to releasing other passengers, small children first, from their restraints.

3.Now using either side of the steel heads on the Car Safety Hammer, smash the nearest window by swinging it like a hammer. The glass should shatter after one or two strikes of the steel points.

4.Protect your eyes and face by shielding them with your other hand, and let the others know to do the same. Once the glass is shattered, use the car hammer to get rid of the remaining glass around the window edges. 

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