Roadside Warning Car Safety Flare Kit for Vehicles & Boat,6 Beacon Disc Pack from Collinear (6)


LED Flare Kit comes with 6 LED emergency beacons and storage bag.

The ROAD FLARES come in six modes: 5 flash and 1 flashlight. Upgraded from normal flares in the market. Easy to open for inserting batteries.

The LED Road Beacons produce red light with 360-degree visibility up to two miles away in different bad weather like heavy snow, rain, or fog. Each light has a 20-hour run time in steady mode, while it has a 60-hour and more running time in flash mode, vary in different flash mode.


The LED Safety Lights are mutifunctional, and make a great addition to any emergency kit, garage, workshop, RV, boat, and outdoor adventures. Can be also using for bicycling, camping, motorcycling.

Perfect Replacement Emergency Alert for Strike Flares and Light Stick- The lights have a powerful magnetic base, can be easily attach to car, warehouse shelf, and are crush resistant, water resistant.

Item Package Quantity:6

The New Collinear LED Flare Kit makes an essential roadside tool for anyone on the road. The LED Roadside Beacons are very bright and produce light with a 360-degree visibility up to two miles away. The safety flare lights have a wattage of 0.5 watts and a 50,000-hour lifespan. The Emergency Beacons offer the choice of six modes - one flashlight and five flares. They have a 20-hour run time in steady mode, and 60-hour run time on flash mode. The Warning Beacons are powered by three AAA batteries (not included). The Safety Alert lights are safe and easy to use. LED safety lights are multifunctional and make a great addition to any auto emergency kit

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